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February 20, 2009

Wildflower season 2009

It will be wildflower season again…. soon!

Today, when I again visited the home of the first Buttercup of the new year, I was pleased to discover that it wasn’t just a fluke: the Buttercups are indeed starting to bloom! I know it will be awhile before most of the other flowers begin to bloom, but maybe they will be earlier this year too.

Last night and into the small hours of this morning, I went through my Flickr files and formed a set of the wildflowers of western Montana that I photographed and many folks had the patience to look at last year, over 400 of them.

Flickr has a nice way of displaying thumbnail pictures of all of the photos in a set on one page and making each thumbnail “clickable”. This set may be found here: Wildflowers of western Montana.

Last summer I spent many hours identifying as many of them as I could and would appreciate help in identifying the others. I hope this collection will be helpful to someone attempting to ID wildflowers, or at least enjoyable to those who enjoy looking at wildflower photos.

Here are some of the Buttercups in bloom today:





Munson Creek in winter (3)

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