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June 30, 2007

Bouquet of butterflies

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I always like to see a butterfly.

Blue butterfly

And it’s pleasant seeing two.


But nothing beats a nice butterfly bouquet!

Butterfly bouquet

June 29, 2007

Mount Baldy

The key feature in the Baldy Mountain roadless area is Mount Baldy itself. It is about 80 miles northwest of Missoula, Montana in the southern end of the Cabinet Mountains. At 7,464 feet, it is the tallest peak in thirty or so surrounding miles.

Here’s a photo of it from the west, taken in May from the Weeksville Divide area at the edge of the Teepee-Spring Creek roadless area:

Mt Baldy

And here’s one from the south, taken from the Patrick’s Knob roadless area a week later:

Mount Baldy

Its peak is 5,000 feet above the valley floor.

Nearly overlooked

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Nearly hidden among the tall grasses on a mountainside a couple of weeks ago was a tiny speck of pink. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be this little bouquet. The whole top of this plant is only a quarter of an inch across. There is often great beauty in small, quiet, unassuming things.

Pink, unknown

Collomia linearis,   narrow-leaf mountain-trumpet

June 28, 2007

To the east

Just beyond the trees and 4,000 feet below, the small town of Hot Springs is just 5 miles away. (This photo is for Geri.)

Hot Springs Montana

Beyond the town, and another 40 miles away, the majestic Mission Mountains.

Mission Mountains

Hot Springs and Mission Mountains

A few more degrees to the south and just below the peak, Baldy Lake.

Baldy Lake

Photographed June 26, 2007 from the summit of 7,464 ft Mount Baldy in the Cabinet Mountains of Western Montana. From within the Baldy Mountains roadless area.

June 27, 2007

Mount Baldy flowers

A mid-summer snow storm on Monday created some interesting flower photos, like these bluebells,

Bluebells and snow

Bluebells and snow

and the snow on the beargrass, as if these blossoms needed additional white!

Beargrass and snow

Beargrass and snow

Beargrass and snow

By Tuesday, the snow had melted and summer was its normal self again for these Indian paintbrushes.

Indian paintbrush

Indian paintbrush

I don’t know how the rather delicate Tolmei was able to survive its icy covering, but it seems to have done so quite well. It’s a different strain than all the others that I’ve seen so far this summer.


Mount Baldy: the top

What a difference a day can make. On Monday the high temperature in the valley was 64º and there was new snow on Mount Baldy. On Tuesday the valley high was 78º and the snow was gone. All but at the top.

This is the first of several posts I will make about a hike to the top of Baldy and I decided to start at the top.

There are still a few snow banks remaining at the high elevations, mostly on the north slopes where the snow drifted deep during the winter and where they are normally shaded from the sun. Some are still as deep as 7 feet.

These photos were taken Tuesday from the top of Mount Baldy (7,464 ft).

Looking Southeast. The small lake is Baldy Lake. I will post another photo of it later. It’s probably still a little cool for swimming.


The next three are looking over different snow banks to the North. The high peak just above the snow banks is Thompson Peak in the McGregor – Thompson roadless area. It is the same height as Baldy and is 9 miles away.




Mount Baldy is in the West end of the 6,482 acre Baldy Mountain roadless area in the Cabinet Mountains of Western Montana, Lolo National Forest. It would receive Wilderness designation and protection under the Wilderness Act, HR 1975 if it is passed by Congress.

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