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December 24, 2008


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Ponderosa Pine

Trees are for me a visual anchor to the earth, a tie to the world of nature that spans the generations. In last summer’s 105° temperature, these tall pines shaded the earth beneath them as they have since the time of the Civil War, and in the sub-zero cold of winter they draw one’s eyes up toward the sky and provide a visual link to tie earth and sky together.

Ponderosa Pine

Earlier I had planned to decorate this young Ponderosa for the season, but soon found it had decorations far better than anything I could provide.

December 23, 2008

Clark Fork River

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This was what the river looked like Saturday. Yes, it was as cold as it looks!

Lower Clark Fork

Lower Clark Fork

December 21, 2008

White potpourri

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When the snow comes, I’m one of the folks who can’t keep from documenting its foibles.

Sunflower Snowflower.

Cold sunflower

The problem with wind power.

The problem with wind power



Green Whitehouse.

Green house

They were hardy folks back then!

Out house

“Now I know I should have gone south with the others!”

Winter hummer

If I’m reincarnated and come back as a bird, I sure hope it will be in a species that migrates south for the winter!

Cold ducks

Cold ducks

December 20, 2008

Cold arctic air

Montana winter

The Clark Fork River with the Coeur d’Alene Mountains in the background. 4°

December 19, 2008

Two tone

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Two tone

When Mother Nature doesn’t decorate with color, she uses form.

From the inside

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(Kind of makes the fire feel good and all that wood cutting worthwhile!)

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