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July 13, 2017

A small measure of cuteness on a hot summer day

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Whitetail fawn

Every once in awhile every summer a whitetail doe brings her fawn (or fawns) into my side yard for some free babysitting. She will leave for several hours and then return for the little one. She must somehow understand that the baby will be safe here while she is gone and there is plenty of clover to eat and access to a good supply of fresh water (that I always keep for the birds).


July 5, 2017

The mystery of the disappearing orchid.

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Yesterday, in some thick brush not far from my house, I found an orchid of this species, but a larger and nicer specimen. I left it alone, meaning to photograph it in a few days when all of the blossoms were fully open and it would display all of its beauty. When I went to check its progress this morning, I found that it had disappeared under very suspicious circumstances; but there was a track…some tooth marks on a stem…


And on the grass beside the house later in the day… a prime suspect…

Whitetail deer

October 5, 2016

Where did it go?

This Whitetail doe was meandering along in the burn area of the Copper King fire with her head down, sniffing the ground. I suspect she was searching for a favorite trail that no longer exists. The photo was taken in the northeastern part of the burn, along USFS road 887 about three miles up Todd Creek.

White tail deer

July 20, 2014

The clover blossoms are not all that’s sweet.

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White tail fawn

Most of the predators of the White-tail are color blind and they would see a monotone view. Here is the same photo converted to black & white:

Fawn B & W

August 6, 2013

A pretty face

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Whitetail fawn

September 10, 2011

In the clover

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One of the local whitetail does, whom we call “Lazy Z” because she has on her left side a small scar that looks like a letter Z tipped on its side, has a set of twins. Several times now she has left them for us to babysit for a couple hours while she has business somewhere else. They stay in a patch of clover that we let grow tall just outside out kitchen window. These photos are of one of them today in the clover patch waiting for mom to return.

Whitetail fawn

Whitetail fawn

Whitetail fawn

Whitetail fawn

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