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September 27, 2012

Curtain call

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Falsegold Groundsel

Ah, but is your bow to the setting sun or the setting season!

September 26, 2012

Trail 541

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Trail 541

September 24, 2012

Firewood time again

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With the arrival of Fall and the start of cooler temperatures, our thoughts turn toward winter, and for many of us who live in the northwest one of the things that means is our supply of wood to fuel our stoves for the cold months ahead. We already have a fairly good sized wood pile here at home, but just in case, I will add one more cord, cut and split, to fill up our firewood shelter. When this big rig pulled up in the little draw beside our house this morning it meant that I will have the logs to work with; about 50,000 pounds worth.

Truck load of firewood logs

Truck load of firewood logs

Truck load of firewood logs

The logs are being unloaded and piled in a log deck where I can work on them at times of my choosing, mostly in late Fall when it is cool or in early spring before it warms up, avoiding the heat of summer for doing a job that is inherently a hot one.

Log truck boom operation

The gentleman operating the boom of his log truck to unload these logs is someone who in my opinion deserves the utmost respect. He is, as he has all of his life, making his living driving his log truck. His morning started today at 7:00 am loading the truck at a logging site about 30 miles down river from here and after these are unloaded he will have at least one more load to load and haul before his day is over. He is an honest, tough, hard working man, always smiling while still doing what he loves to do… at the tender age of 84.

Log truck boom operation

Now, it you get up one morning and want to start on a big, big job…

Firewood log deck

Firewood log deck

September 22, 2012

Lake with no name

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Sometimes when Nature wants you to see something, She shines a light on it, as She did this little lake that has no name. It sits about 800 feet below Graves Peak, two miles north of the Cougar Peak Lookout.

Lake with no name

September 20, 2012

It’s beginning

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Fall colors

Photo taken on the south slope of Big Hole peak, about a mile south of the lookout on the morning of September 19, 2012.

September 18, 2012

Cougar Peak Lookout ~ Views

View from Cougar Peak Lookout


View from Cougar Peak Lookout


View from Cougar Peak Lookout


View from Cougar Peak Lookout

West: the tall peak about in the center is Seven Point Mountain; I hiked to it on August 30.

View from Cougar Peak Lookout

East, looking into the Cube Iron – Silcox Roadless area

View from Cougar Peak Lookout

North: the tall peak with the big rock slides is Graves Peak which was my destination on that day on USFS trail 541.

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