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July 26, 2018

Spring Creek in late summer

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

As usual for this time of year, the bed of Spring Creek in the TeePee/Spring Creek Roadless Area is dry at the trail head, but cold, robust and cascading down it’s canyon just a mile up the trail.

May 3, 2018

Cascades and Fairy Bells

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Now that warmer weather has arrived, the mountain streams are running full from snow melt and the wildflowers are beginning to bloom. The flowers are late blooming this year and the early results seem to show that they are rather sparse and have suffered some effects of the turbulent weather. Still, it’s good to finally see them!

Fairy Bells

Fairy Bells

Fairy Bells, Hooker fairy-bells ~ Prosartes hookeri

Spring Creek

Cascades on Spring Creek

July 28, 2017

In the thick of things

Spring Creek

What can be found in a thick tangle of brush like this? Well, there is water, and a few rays of sunlight filtering through the trees, and the green things of the wilderness will find and use both, and as you push your way through the foliage, interesting things appear.

Blue Elderberry

Blue Elderberry ~ Sambuscus caerulea



Clustered Thistle

Clustered Thistle ~ Cirsium brevistylum

Great Mullein

Great Mullein

Great Mullein~ Verbascum thapsus

Devil's Club

Devil's Club

Devil’s Club ~ Oplopanax horridus


Enchanter’s Nightshade ~ Circaea alpina

Clustered Thistle

Clustered Thistle

June 24, 2017

Think cool!

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

Two miles up the Spring Creek trail on a hot summer day. Crystal clear, ice cold water cascading down a deep canyon under the canopy of tall, old-growth cedars…

June 15, 2017

An orchid today

Spotted Corallroot ~ Wild orchid

Spotted corallroot ~ Corallorhiza maculata ~ wild orchid

There are always beautiful things to find along the Spring Creek trail, including places on the trail itself:

On the Spring Creek Trail

June 28, 2016

Along a mile of trail

Yesterday after completing several things that have kept me from the trails lately (and pretty much away from the blog), I leisurely hiked the first mile of the Spring Creek trail (USFS trail #370), retreating from things that had been pressing and enjoying the deep shade of the canyon which was much cooler than the rather high temperatures in the valley. It was wonderful to see the wildflowers and gratifying to see so many species still in bloom.

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy ~ Leucanthemum vulgare

herbal speedwell, Paul's betony

Water Speedwell, Blue Speedwell ~ Veronica anagallis-aquatica

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily, Three-spot Mariposa lily, Baker's Mariposa

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily, Three-spot Mariposa Lily, Baker’s Mariposa ~ Calochortus apiculatus

Woodland Pinedrops

Woodland Pinedrops ~ Pterospora andromedea

Alaska rein orchid, slender-spire orchid

Alaska rein orchid, slender-spire orchid ~ Piperia unalascensis

Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet, Large-flowered Collomia

Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet, Large-flowered Collomia ~ Collomia grandiflora

Lanceleaved Stonecrop

Lanceleaved Stonecrop ~ Sedum lanceolatum

Sticky Currant

Sticky Currant berries ~ Ribes viscosissimum

Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland

Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland ~ Campanula rotundifolia

Pipsissewa, Common Prince's-pine

Pipsissewa, Common Prince's-pine

Pipsissewa, Common Prince’s-pine, ~ Chimaphila umbellata

American twinflower

American Twinflower ~ Linnaea borealis

High Mountain Cinquefoil

High Mountain Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla flabellifolia

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