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February 3, 2016

Ice on Juniper leaves

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Night photo

Ice on juniper leaves

Just foolin’ around.

February 2, 2016

Winter visit to Dog Lake and the waterfall on the stream that feeds it

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At least once every winter I try to visit the waterfall on the stream that feeds Rainbow Lake (AKA Dog Lake) about twenty miles from here on the Flathead Indian Reservation, and I chose today for this winter’s visit. I included snowshoes with my equipment, but found them to be unnecessary this time: it was one of the areas that received very little of last night’s snow. To my surprise I found instead a brief period of sun and some blue sky!

Dog Lake

Dog Lake




Moss & icicles

Winter road

Winter road

Dog Lake

February 1, 2016

Snow storm moving in from the southwest

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Snow storm moving in from the southwest

January 31, 2016

Decorated glass

Either I have not seen lichens growing on glass before or just not noticed them, but today an old bottle caught my eye. It not only is nicely decorated with lichen, but there are two different kinds of them on it. I wonder if perhaps there may be a little greenhouse heating effect inside the bottle, making the glass a little warmer than the surrounding air because the lichens seem to be extraordinarily robust. (The decorated bottle was so pretty that I wanted to take it home, but I certainly couldn’t destroy their little world.)

lichen on bottle

lichen on bottle

lichen on bottle

Nearby there frost crystals on some barberry leaves, but I saw no frost on the bottle.

frost crystal

January 26, 2016

“Flowers” in January

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The brightest things in the forest today were cup lichens ~ Cladonia pleurota. They are tiny but their fruit is bright red.

Cladonia pleurota ~ lichen

Cladonia pleurota ~ lichen

Cladonia pleurota

Cladonia pleurota ~ lichen

Cladonia pleurota

Cladonia pleurota

January 15, 2016

Brief snow shoe trip

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Today a friend and I found that the road was open to Loneman Divide, about 15 miles from home and made a short “tune up” snowshoe hike from there up to the ridge above the pass and found it very refreshing. Another half dozen of those short hikes and we will be ready for something more serious.

Start of the Todd Creek trail

We took “the trail less traveled”.

Snow capped stump

Snow-capped stump

Spare tire

The stump must have been hollow because the top looked like a doughnut.

Baldy Mountain in the clouds

To the east side of the divide.

West of the divide

To the west side.

Frosty trees on the divide

Frost covered trees along the top.

Frosty trees

Frosty trees

Frosty trees//

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