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November 6, 2018

A change of seasons

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Just a little over two weeks ago when I visited the Corona Lake area, the trees were yellow and gold and the ground was brown. When I returned yesterday the ground was golden and the trees were brown, and a little white had entered the landscape.

Corona Lake


Corona Divide

North of Corona

Newly decorated

Corona Divied

Larch needles


November 1, 2018

Thompson River

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Thompson River

Thompson River

Thompson River

These photos were taken about a week ago along Thompson River in northwest Montana and are the last of the best of this season’s fall colors. It has rained ever since, the larch have lost most of their golden needles and the cottonwoods have shed a large part of their leaves. The rain is now providing a good drink for the trees before the ground freezes and they enter the desert-like conditions (from their perspective) of winter.

October 31, 2018

Rainy day

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Rainy day

Sometimes it’s good to just burrow back into the brush and the rocks, under the trees, and enjoy the rain.

October 25, 2018

West from Corona Divide

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West from Corona Divide

January 7, 2016

White on white

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Today on a trip to get supplies, I encountered a section on the hills to the south of Flathead Lake where the trees were covered with a combination of snow and hoarfrost. The trees were white, the ground was white and the sky was white so there wasn’t much contrast, but the trees were beautiful and so I tried a few photos along a little road that left the highway and headed back into the reservation. I couldn’t drive the road today so I just hiked back in a ways. The road is very inviting and so on a sunny day I’ll go back in further with the Jeep and perhaps do better.

Snowy tree

Snowy trees

Snowy tree

Snowy tree

Snowy trees

Snowy tree

Snowy tree

Snowy tree

January 5, 2016

Whatever it takes

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My son had my Jeep so…

Weeksville Road

Beyond here there were 4 X 4 tracks, snowmobile tracks, deer tracks, elk tracks and one set of boot tracks.

Weeksville Road

Weeksville Road.

Snowy Firs

Snow on the firs.

Weeksville Creek

Weeksville Creek.

Snow shower from the trees

With the slightest breeze the trees were shedding snow.

The star of the show

The tiny Fir was the star of the show.

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