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June 29, 2008

The longest three mile trail in Montana (Part 4)

This will be the last post in this series: after all, how much can be said about a three mile trail?

The Clark Fork of the Columbia River flows in a northwesterly direction for about three hundred miles from its source in the Deerlodge National Forest at the Continental Divide near the town of Butte Montana then takes a sharp turn to the right and and flows for twenty one miles due east before it again turns toward the northwest. This short east – west section is referred to as the “Cutoff”, probably because it’s a shortcut from the Bitterroot Mountains on the west, through the Coeur d’Alene Mountains to the Cabinet Mountains on the east, and there is a road which follows the river, Montana Highway 135.

As you travel downstream through the Cutoff you travel through a deep canyon where, to the right is the high ground of the South Siegel – South Cutoff roadless area (13,473 acres) and the North Siegel roadless area (9,208 acres). To the left is the Patrick’s Knob – North Cutoff roadless area (16,969 acres). About half way through is the trail head for USFS trail 205 which runs almost due north for (the Forest Service says) three miles through the Patrick’s Knob area at one of it’s narrowest points, from the river at an elevation of about 2,500 feet to the high ridge at about 5,000 feet just west of Patrick’s Knob Peak . (After hiking the trail myself, I came to believe that the person who declared it to be three miles has never even seen the trail, much less hiked it.)

The following photos will, I hope, give the viewer a little of the flavor of this particular trail and the beauty of the roadless area it traverses and a glimpse of what it’s like to hike through true wild country. It is only one of many such trails in many roadless areas, all of which need our protection if they are to continue to exist.

The trailhead at Montana Highway 135

Trailhead for USFS trail 205

An early part of the trail, perhaps a half mile from the trailhead.

On trail 205

From about a mile up the trail facing east along the Cutoff with the North Siegel roadless area in the background,

From trail 205

and from the same spot, facing south with the South Siegel – South Cutoff roadless area in the background.

From trail 205

A section of the trail itself about three fourths of the way to the top (It’s a good idea to pay attention to the blaze marks through here),

Trail 205

and, from about the same place, a view back down to the Clark Fork and Highway 135.

From trail 205

At the top edge of the roadless area and the top end of the trail is, what else, a road. In this case it’s called The High Ridge Road and also the eastern trailhead of the CC Divide Trail, USFS trail 404.

High Ridge Road

From the high Ridge Road facing north, Baldy Mountain in the Baldy Mountain roadless area can be easily seen ten miles beyond the small town of Plains, Montana along the Clark Fork which at that point is again headed northwest.

Baldy Mountain from the CC Divide

The previous photos were taken on the ascent. I also took a few on the hike back down.

A quarter of a mile behind this rather obscure trail marker at the top end of the trail (with my pack hanging on it)

Trail marker for the top of trail 205

is this trail sign, the only one to be found on the entire trail.

Trail sign for trail 205

A mile or so from the top, where the trail takes a slight jog to the west is a nice view of the Bitterroot Mountains about thirty miles to the west,

Bitterroot Mountains from trail 205

and in a place where the only relatively level part of the trail occurs is a nice section of open forest which I’ll bet is a favorite feeding area for the local ungulates (deer, elk, moose and Bighorn sheep).

Along the trail

Half way back down is this pretty view of the Cutoff and North Siegel beyond it,

From trail 205

and the trailhead at the bottom, after seven hours on this six(?) mile hike is a welcome sight.

Bottom trailhead for trail 205


Tiny neighbors

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A few evenings ago these little aircraft showed up near our back door, drawn by the fluorescent light from a bug zapper. Fortunately, they were too large to fit between the shield bars but stayed around long enough for a photo.

Evening visitor

Evening visitor

On a wood cutting trip into the high country on the same day, this Bear Grass blossom just had to be photographed with its tiny resident, a yellow Crab Spider.

Bear Grass & visitor

We share this world with some interesting little neighbors!

June 28, 2008

Bouquet of rose buds

If I were the one to name this flower, that’s the name I’d choose. So far I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and can’t come up with in ID for it.



(Photographed along the lower end of the Munson Creek trail in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana, inside the TeePee – Spring Creek roadless area.)

June 27, 2008

Still don’t like that name!

Vetch. Somehow it seems unjust for a very pretty flower to have such a name. I greatly prefer calling it “Wild Pea”. Oh, well… it doesn’t seem to mind.

American vetch, vicia americana

The blossoms

American vetch

A stalk of blossoms

American vetch

A hillside of WIld peas (with the Coeur d’Alene mountains as a backdrop).

American vetch


Wild rose bud

Wild rose bud

Wild rose blossom – mature

Wild rose blossom, mature

Red Clover

Wild Red Clover

Wild rose blossom – early stage



Wild rose blossom, early stage

(Photographed along the Spring Creek trail in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana.)

June 26, 2008

The longest three mile trail in Montana (Part 3)

Here are some of the flowers growing along the upper part of trail 205 ( 3,500 ft to 5,000 ft).

Red clover

Red clover

Miner’s lettuce, claytonia perfoliata


Tolmie star-tulip

Tolmie star-tulip

Tolmie star-tulips

Tolmie star-tulips

A hillside of Blue-eyed Marys

A hillside of Blue-eyed Marys

A ridgetop covered with Arrowleaf Balsamroot

A ridge covered with Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Very colorful Tolmies

Very colorful Tolmies

Yellow Indian Paintbrush

Yellow Indian Paintbrush



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