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January 30, 2009

The icicles in Buffalo Bill Canyon (3)

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This afternoon the sun came out for its weekly visit and I headed for the hills (or canyons as it turned out). How the icicles have changed! Here are a few of 20 photos that I brought back. (Yes, I know, but I’ll quit this when Spring comes.)

Icicles or ice falls

My wife’s favorite:

Icicles or ice falls

These icicles back in a side ravine out of the sun showed up with a blue cast.

Icicles or ice falls

Icicles or ice falls

Icicles or ice falls

A six mile hike in the sun and the snow and a few photos of winter decorations; not a bad afternoon at that!


Back in the middle 70’s the company for which I worked furnished me with a company car. It was one of the early Cadillac Eldorados, large, and long, and heavy, and iridescent brown with a vinyl covered top and moon roof. It also had air bags, one of the first cars in the Phoenix Arizona area that was so equipped. That was hot stuff back then and I was informed that if I were in an accident with it there would be an extensive investigation and a lot of publicity, because it would be one of the first cars so tested.

The conventional wisdom in those days, unsubstantiated by anyone who understood what automobile safety was all about, was that with those bags, you no longer needed seat belts because the bags would keep you from striking the dashboard or being thrown through the windshield and therefore you were safe. The truth of the matter was thereby greatly distorted.

Tonight I responded with our Rural Fire Department team to an accident scene where all we could do was to recover a man’s body…. 50 feet from where the remains of his truck came to rest on its side. He was a big man, we noticed, as we carried his body up the hillside to the coroner’s van. If he had used his seat belt, there was a very good chance he would have lived. He did not and he was thrown out, rolled over by his truck, and whatever hopes he might have had for a long and happy life quickly ended a hundred feet from the highway on a rocky hillside on a very dark and cold night.

You’ve all got them in your cars, folks. Take a couple of seconds every time you start up and make them go “click”!

January 29, 2009

The Mission Mountains (2)

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Before I forget (again) I will post two more photos of the Missions taken on Monday. I’m not entirely happy with the second one because it was taken late in the day and the foreground is shaded by the mountains behind me, but here it is anyway.

The Mission Mountains

The Mission Mountains

January 28, 2009

Just a little blue sky

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With about four inches of new snow overnight, the river banks were redecorated yet again and just a small break in the clouds brightened up the scene. A few miles down the canyon the snow continued.

Clark Fork River

January 27, 2009

Ice on the Flathead

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Yesterday during one of those sunny days that have been quite rare lately, I caught a few shots of ice cakes on the lower Flathead river, about 5 miles upstream from its mouth. The areas of open water and the reflections in them caught my eye. A mile below this, the ice cakes cover the river from bank to bank.

Ice on the Flathead

Ice on the Flathead

Despite all the problems the old house in this photo may have, lack of scenery doesn’t appear to be one of them. Remember the Marlboro Man? I learned last week that some of those commercials were shot here. One of my distant cousins would truck in some of his horses and meet the photo crew there while the actors were being flown in from New York. Well, at least some of it was from the real west!

Ice on the Flathead

(These photos were taken on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana.)

January 26, 2009

The Mission Mountains

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Today a trip to –the city– , normally a torturous event for me, was mitigated somewhat by the presence of clear skies and fresh snow on the mountains.

The Mission Mountains

I found out this morning that by coincidence a blogging friend from the Flathead Lake area also took a road trip to –the city– on a different route and got some nice shots of the lake as well as one that shows some of the northern parts of the mountain range. Take a look!     Road Trip

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