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November 26, 2007

Valleys are where men live

Sometimes I wonder if Nature wants to forget…

Clark Fork Valley from Weeksville Divide

Clark Fork Valley from Weeksville Divide

Clark Fork Valley from Weeksville Divide

Looking out over the Clark Fork Valley from Weeksville Divide in western Montana’s Cabinet Mountains..

November 24, 2007

Winter on the divide

There were just a few minutes of sun today on top of the divide. It was a long hike, but I was glad to be there!

Winter on the divide

Weeksville Divide

On the top of Weeksville Divide on November 24th in western Montana’s Cabinet Mountains.

November 23, 2007

Thompson River in winter

Usually by this time of year this area is inaccessible, so I was happy to get a winter photo of it.

Thompson River in winter

Thompson River in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana.

November 22, 2007

Today in the high country

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Bighole country

Decorated fir

Thanksgiving day, 2007 on the east slope of Bighole Peak in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains.

November 21, 2007

Then and now

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This afternoon it seemed appropriate to spend a few hours following in the footprints of a solitary coyote, for no special reason other than to see what he was up to and to enjoy some of the scenes that he sees every day. I was not surprised when his meandering trail led me to a small, lonesome ridge a short distance above the valley, and when it disappeared into some large rocks atop a bluff, I broke away from his tracks rather than disturb him in his home.

Just beyond the coyote’s ridge lies a little meadow which I visit with relative frequency, and as I strolled through it in the afternoon sun, my boots making crunching noises on the snow, I recalled that the last time I had visited there was during the oppressive heat of July. I enjoyed the scenes then and I enjoyed them again today, although they are visually quite different, and it occurred to me that a pictorial contrast might be interesting. Here it is:

July meadow

Winter meadow

Summer meadow

November meadow

Once again, the Parks lose

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The issue was whether to permit 540 snowmobiles per day into Yellowstone or limit winter access to guided snow coaches.


“Snowmobile opponents wanted to see the machines eliminated from the park, saying they cause air and noise pollution, while snowmobile supporters want more, arguing many local businesses rely on income from snowmobilers.”

So, the argument was reducing air and noise pollution in the Parks versus local businesses relying on income from snowmobilers, and
guess who won?

THE INFAMOUS MAGIC WORDS “public access” again!

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