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January 15, 2016

Brief snow shoe trip

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Today a friend and I found that the road was open to Loneman Divide, about 15 miles from home and made a short “tune up” snowshoe hike from there up to the ridge above the pass and found it very refreshing. Another half dozen of those short hikes and we will be ready for something more serious.

Start of the Todd Creek trail

We took “the trail less traveled”.

Snow capped stump

Snow-capped stump

Spare tire

The stump must have been hollow because the top looked like a doughnut.

Baldy Mountain in the clouds

To the east side of the divide.

West of the divide

To the west side.

Frosty trees on the divide

Frost covered trees along the top.

Frosty trees

Frosty trees

Frosty trees//

January 6, 2009

Refresher hike

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While we have enough snow in the valley, which means before the rains that are forecast for the next several days, I decided to go for a brief walk on snowshoes for the first time this season. Among other things, it reminded me how much fun it is to climb a steep hill on the shoes….NOT!

Weeksville Creek

Snowy woods

Along the Clark Fork

But the view from above the river was worth the effort.

Clark Fork River at Weeksville Creek

Clark Fork River at Weeksville Creek

Clark Fork River at Weeksville Creek

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