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October 20, 2015

Big Hole Lookout

Big Hole Lookout

Photo taken on October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015

Big Hole trail head

Big Hole Look out trail head

You could tell that it would be a good hike!

July 4, 2015

Think cool…

Western Montana is currently in the middle of a drought and a heat wave. Our June, the month that usually produces the most rain, gave us none at all and the temperatures have been running nearly 20 degrees above normal, in the mid 90’s to the low 100’s. Early this morning however there was a cool place to be…

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

June 11, 2015

Hiding in plain sight: Mule deer fawn

This time of year when the new young of most animal species begin to appear, it is very common for those of us who live here in western Montana to see the fawns of White tail deer. Not quite so commonly seen are Mule deer fawns, and so it was a treat for me to encounter one today. I left early this morning for a hike up to the old look out on Big Hole Peak, and at about the mid point of the trail I saw a beautiful Mule deer doe ahead of me on the trail and I watched her bounce on up the trail then disappear on the mountainside. After another dozen or so strides I discovered this little fawn which I would guess to be no more than a week or two old.

For many thousands of years an apparently successful escape strategy for fawns is to lie flat on the ground, as flat as they can get, and stay absolutely still, which is what this little one was doing, and because they have no scent at that age predators normally will not find them. Usually this happens in tall grass on a hillside or meadow or among downed timber or other disruptions in the landscape, but when this little fellow went into “hide mode”, it did so right in the middle of the trail. I took a few quick photos and circled far around the little one to continue on up the trail, leaving it undisturbed and still completely motionless. Hopefully, next time this fawn won’t try to hide again in plain sight.

Mule deer fawn (hiding)

Mule deer fawn

Mule deer fawn

Mule deer fawn, Odocoileus hemionus

February 6, 2015

February day at Munson Creek

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Our unseasonably warm temperatures lately prompted me to make a quick visit to Munson Creek today and I found that all of the ice along the stream has melted, an extremely unusual condition for this time of year. Today’s high temperature was 53ºF while last year at this time the nights were down to -23ºF; quite a difference year to year! The stream water is only a little higher than usual though.

Munson Creek in Februrary

Munson Creek in Februrary

November 14, 2014

Cold day at Munson Creek

Munson Creek

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