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March 25, 2008

A March visit to Munson Creek

Yesterday the weather cleared a bit and Munson Creek seemed to call to me. USFS trail 372 was clear for about two miles up into the TeePee – Spring Creek roadless area before the ice on the trail became too hazardous for hiking. (It’s a very narrow trail along a steep mountainside.)

Not far from the trail head I began to see Moose sign, and as I watched for them (and also for bear since they’re now coming out of their dens), I walked right up on a group of four Big Horn ewes; a pleasant surprise. At about the two mile point there was a considerable amount of wolf scat along the trail. It was of various ages, the most recent perhaps a week old. I made a mental note to visit again in about a month, hike to the top and spend one night there. It would be great to see and perhaps have a chance to photograph a wolf pack!

Even from the relatively low elevations at the lower end of the trail, the scenery across the Clark Fork valley is great to see where the north side of the Cherry Peak roadless area is fully visible and only a few miles away. Tough to have to hike in this kind of country, isn’t it? What a pleasure it was to again get into at least a little bit of the high country!

Eddy Peak

Peaks in the Cherry Peak roadless area

Cherry Peak roadless area

Cherry Peak roadless area

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