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March 21, 2008

First Crocus of 2008

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This is a descendant of a crocus one of my aunts planted some time during the 50’s in a special spot right near the house. It makes a point of being the very first to bloom each spring, even though we have planted many more in other locations. Today its blossom is still furled, awaiting the next sunny day to fully open. That’s not a rain drop on the petal: it’s a tear drop from snow flakes that gently settled there during the night and melted in the first few rays of the morning’s sun. Winter’s last tear as it bows its head, ends its season of white, and steps aside for the reign of the new spring.


And this? It looks like a fern but it’s really nothing more than a tiny weed. I didn’t tell it that though: I told it that it was very beautiful indeed and an extra special little gift to spring! It’s all in one’s perspective after all, isn’t it?

Weed with great expectations

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