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March 19, 2008

Don’t overlook the little ones

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During a leisurely stroll down by the river yesterday, this came by on the tracks above.

Rail Link

It’s either brand new or someone did one heck of a job washing and waxing it. Either way it just had to be photographed, and standing 12 – 15 feet tall, fifty feet long and weighing in at what, maybe 50 tons, it just had to be noticed.

These however, growing just 100 feet from the tracks, on the river bank below, would have been very easy to overlook. They are only an eighth of an inch across and an inch tall, and personally I greatly prefer them to the locomotive, even if I have absolutely no idea what they are. They are only the second flower I’ve seen in bloom here this spring. (Revised after some great sleuthing by Winterwoman, theseflowers are Whitlow Grass draba verna)

March 18

March 18

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