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March 17, 2008

How sweet it is when you win!

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At 5:30 this afternoon, right smack in the middle of the very best Reuben sandwich I’ve ever eaten, my Rural Fire Department pager went off and I had to scramble to the scene of a chimney fire. As opposed to the fire of last Monday, this one was reported early and was close to our fire hall. Although the smoke could be seen from two miles away, we were able to get there quickly, extinguish the fire and save the home. The owners were happy to deal with the damage we had to cause to get it all out.

For those not familiar with chimney fires, they can sometimes burn hot enough to ignite the roof and surrounding flue materials, as was the case today. Had we not gotten there in time, that house would have been completely destroyed.

Take it from me, it’s a terrific feeling to get there in time to control the situation and then leave knowing that we saved a home! And that Reuben, after being warmed up a little, tasted even better at 7:00!

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