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July 23, 2017


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Yarrow ~ Achillea millefolium

I don’t know if it’s because of the elevation (this is growing at about 5,000 feet) or if there is another factor, but the Yarrow that I have seen in this particular location seems to look more robust and show more character and detail than what I have found at the valley level.

June 1, 2017

A nice way for June to begin

Just a short hike today, but some new flowers in bloom. I’ll hike up high tomorrow, probably above the wildflowers, but who knows.

Wild Blue Flax

Wild Blue Flax~ Linum lewisii

Wood's Rose

Wood’s Rose ~ Rosa woodsii

Three-spot Mariposa Lily

Three-spot Mariposa Lily ~ Calochortus apiculatus

Silvery Lupine

Silvery Lupine (in white) ~ Lupinus argenteus


Yarrow ~ Achillea millefolium


Elegant Mariposa Lily

Elegant Mariposa Lily ~ Calochortus elegans

Sulphur Penstemon

Sulphur Penstemon ~ Penstemon attenuatus

Mallow Ninebark

Mallow Ninebark ~ Physocarpus malvaceus

June 4, 2012

Back to the flowers

Red-osier Dogwood

Red-osier Dogwood, Cornus stolonifera, May 27

Yellow Salsify, Goat's Beard

Yellow Salsify, Goat’s Beard, Tragopogon dubious, May 27

Yarrow, Milfoil

Yarrow, Milfoil, Achillea millefolium, May 27

Hound's Tongue, Gypsy Flowe

Hound’s Tongue, Gypsy Flower ~ Cynoglossum official, May 26


Dunno, May 21

Thread-leaved Phacelia, Thread-leaf Scorpion-weed

Thread-leaved Phacelia, Thread-leaf Scorpion-weed, Phacelia liners, May 30

White Campion, Bladder Campion

White Campion, Bladder Campion

White Campion, Bladder Campion, Silene latifolia, May 30

June 7, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (9)

This series of photos was taken on one brief trip through an area of the Flathead Reservation not far from here where I also found the Bitterroots in bloom. I must have chosen exactly the right time to go there.

Dalmatian Toadflax, Butter and Eggs

Dalmatian Toadflax, Butter and Eggs, ~ Linaria vulgaris 6/1

Unknown ID

Dame’s Rocket, Wild Phlox ~ Hesperis matronalis.  I see them along the highways, but not usually anywhere near ranch houses, and never away from the roads either. They grow in very thick bunches and get to be over three feet tall. 6/1

Rydberg's penstemon

Rydberg’s penstemon ~ Penstemon rydbergii 6/1

Small-flowered Penstemon, Littleflower Penstemon

Small-flowered Penstemon, Littleflower Penstemon ~ Penstemon procerus 6/1


Yarrow ~ Achillea millefolium 6/1

Cushion Buckwheat

Cushion Buckwheat

Cushion Buckwheat ~ Eriogonum ovalifolium 6/1

Sulphur Lupine

Sulphur Lupine

Sulphur Lupine ~ Lupinus sulphureus 6/1

July 11, 2009

At a distance they look alike,

but not up close.


Achillea millefolium

Pearly everlasting

Pearly everlasting
Anaphalis magaritacea

June 18, 2008

Red, white and yellow

The pink one is “center stage”.
(Indian Paintbrush)
Indian paintbrush

Who can resist a bud?
Indian paint bud

Heck of a note: I can’t ID either one!

Lanceleaf Springbeauty, Claytonia lanceolataUnknown

Drummond’s campion, Silene drummondiiUnknown


Yellow Violets

Wild Snapdragon
Wild Snapdragons

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