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April 28, 2010

Rainy day Trillium

Rainy day TrilliumWestern trillium, Trillium ovatum

April 16, 2010

A little snow left

Mission Mountains

~ The Mission Mountains ~

(Photo taken from the Big Hole access road in the Cabinet Mountains, range of about fifty miles.)

Pacific Trillium

(Couldn’t resist posting one more Trillium shot.)

April 11, 2010

A trillium surprise

Hiking into the back country is usually accompanied by surprises but today when I began a hike on the Munson Creek trail I found that, at the lower elevations, the trilliums are beginning to bloom about a week earlier than usual. What a pleasant surprise!

Western Trillium

Western Trillium

Western Trillium

Western Trillium

Pacific Trillium, Western Trillium, Wakerobin, Birthroot, Trillium Ovatum


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