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December 15, 2007

That’s why!

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I have been troubled for the last several months by the difficulty we face in staffing our volunteer Rural Fire Department and the general feeling of apathy of so many of the people in the area as well as the lack of cooperation we encounter. We receive no pay when we work hard and take risks to save a business, and yet if we trade there they don’t mind charging us full price. The hospital expects us to risk our lives to provide protection to their facility for no pay and yet if we need their services they will charge us $400 an hour (as I recently found out). I often wonder just why anyone would volunteer to do this: I ask myself why I do it.

Last week after responding to a scene where a truck had caught on fire and the fire was threatening a home, as I helped extinguish the blaze I glanced over at the house and there in a second story window was the face of a child, a little girl of four or five years, looking out with her nose pressed against the window pane, her eyes wide with excitement and wonder and maybe a little fright at the sight of the trucks with their bright flashing lights and all the firemen in their bulky yellow suits. Suddenly the answer swept over me with a warm wave of understanding: that’s why!

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