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June 9, 2019

More May flowers

These are the rest of the wildflowers that I was able to photograph during May. Late rains have slowed down the bloom, but it looks like June will be a good month for flowers.


Meadowrue ~ Thalictrum occidentale

Field Pussytoes

Field Pussytoes ~ Antennaria neglecta

Bog Saxifrage

Bog Saxifrage ~ Micranthes oregana

This is a rather unusual member of the saxifrage family, but rather interesting because of the colors.

Upland Larkspur

Upland Larkspur

Upland Larkspur ~ Delphinium nuttallianum

Shooting Star

Shooting Star ~ Dodecatheon pulchellum

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush ~ Castillleja miniata


Wild Violets ~ Viola Adunca

Lanceleaf Springbeauty

Lanceleaf Springbeauty ~ Claytonia lanceolata

Fairy Slipper

Fairy Slipper ~ Calypso Bulbosa

Probably the prettiest of the wild orchids in this region.

Elegant Cats-ear, Northwestern Mariposa

Elegant Cats-ear, Northwestern Mariposa Lily ~ Calochortus elegans

It’s a little unusual to see these in multiples.


Bitterroot ~ Lewisia rediviva

The Bitterroot is the state flower of Montana. It was cherished by the indigenous people for its roots.

Northern Cinquefoil, Villous Cinquefoil

Northern Cinquefoil, Villous Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla villosa

May 4, 2018

Three violets

Hookedspur Violet, Early Blue Violet

Hookedspur Violet, Early Blue Violet ~ Viola adunca

Goosefoot Violet

Goosefoot Violet ~ Viola purpurea

Small White Violet

Small White Violet ~ Viola macloskeyi

Today was the first time that I’ve found these three species in one day, and all were within a half mile besides. It was a surprise also because they are growing within the periphery of the huge forest fire that occurred here last year. (Now if I can figure out why three different colored flowers are all called “violets”.)

May 28, 2017

A few more

A short hike as a retreat from a hot afternoon revealed a few more wildflowers in bloom, and a few drops of rain helped provide a cool break.

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily ~ Calochortus apiculatus. About the size of a 50 cent piece.

Early Blue Violet

Early Blue Violet ~ Viola adunca

Feathery False Lily of the Valley

Feathery False Lily of the Valley ~ Maianthemum racemosum. The blossom is about 4 inches tall.

Silvery Lupine

Silvery Lupine ~ Lupinus argenteus. This one is about a foot tall.

Starry False Lily-of-the-valley

Starry False Lily-of-the-valley ~ Maianthemum stellatum. This blossom is about 3 inches tall.

Blue Speedwell

Blue Speedwell ~ Veronica anagallis-aquatica. Quite a name for a blossom only 1/8 inch wide!

May 15, 2017

Violets along the trail

Violets have appeared along the Spring Creek Trail (USFS trail 370 into the TeePee/Spring Creek roadless area).

Early Blue Violet

Early Blue Violet

Early Blue Violet ~ Viola adunca

May 17, 2016

Almost missed the violets

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Early Blue Violet

These have been blooming for quite some time already, but this one was growing in the deep shade of the Spring Creek canyon. I think I broke all of the usual rules of correct exposure, but it worked and the photo is what I wanted.

May 4, 2015

And don’t forget the Fairyslippers…

More wildflowers are showing up just about every day now. It’s just a matter of getting out where they are!


Lemonweed ~ Lithospermum ruderale

Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry ~ Fragaria virginiana

Heart-leaved Arnica

Heart-leaved Arnica ~ Arnica cordifolia

Early Blue Violet

Early Blue Violet ~ Viola adunca

Fairyslipper, Calypso Orchid

Fairyslipper, Calypso Orchid

Fairyslipper, Calypso Orchid

Fairyslipper, Calypso Orchid ~ Calypso bulbosa

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