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December 20, 2013

Seven Point Mountain

Seven Point Mountain

Hiking six miles on a rocky trail through the Cataract roadless area was a small price to pay for the privilege of standing there in total solitude. Photo taken on August 31, 2012.


September 13, 2013

Vermilion night

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Sunset at Vermilion

In the last rays of evening light,  far below at the base of a distant peak, elk began to bugle… soothed by the soft siren sounds of cool winds tumbling through the hemlocks… spellbound for hours by stars so bright and dense that a needle-wand of light could not fit between them, sleep came slowly to a soft bed of fir needles, on a high ridge, in a place called “Vermilion”.

Then morning came, gentle and easy, through a saddle to the east,

Dawn at Vermilion

and within the hour, wolves sang.

August 21, 2011

Dusk at Vermilion Pass

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Dusk at Vermilion Pass

Dusk at Vermilion Pass

Dusk at Vermilion Pass

August 4, 2011

Graves Peak (Attempt #1)

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Early in July a friend suggested a trek to a mountain peak (Graves Peak) to which neither of us had been and I thought it a great suggestion. Unfortunately, we did not make the trip as we planned, but in mid July I set out to do it alone. This is a series of photos of my effort, a very pleasant excursion even though I did not reach the peak that day. Starting from Vermillion Pass, the route would involve about three miles by mountain bike on an old logging road followed by a hike of a mile or two to the top of Graves.

Graves Peak

Graves Peak in the distance.

Vermilion Peak

Vermilion Peak, photographed from Vermilion Pass.

North of Vermilion Pass

The road north of Vermilion Pass sill had snow banks along it.

Vermilion Pass

Vermilion Pass: a little storm could be seen in the offing.

Vermilion Pass

North of Vermilion Pass

Scenery to the north of Vermilion Pass.

Logging road from Vermilion Pass

The start of the old logging road.

Logging road from Vermilion Pass

This was typical of the old road: it had not been maintained for many years and small firs have gotten a good start in reclaiming it. In other places it was necessary to push through thick growths of Alders.

Graves Peak

Graves Peak from the start of the trail.

Graves Peak trail

The turn-back point; snowed out! This would be the start of a mile or two of fairly steep trail, but with that much snow on the trail and moderately heavy rain beginning to come down, the rest of the trip was postponed for another day. (I didn’t get this darned old by being completely foolhardy!)

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