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June 14, 2010

Queen’s Cup

It was a pleasant surprise this evening to see Queen’s Cup (or Bride’s Bonnet) blooming, for although I have been looking for it, this is the first I’ve seen this year. The quarter-sized flowers always look so nice against the green grasses and low shrubs of the forest.

Queen's CupQueen’s Cup, Clintonia uniflora, Lili family

Queen's Cup

These were growing along the trail at the bottom end of TeePee Creek and another pleasant surprise was to see the creek still running this late in the year. By this time it often is underground at the lower end although still flowing higher up.

TeePee CreekTeePee Creek

Despite the fact that the Forest Service abandoned the TeePee Creek trail and obliterated the road that led to the trail head, the trail itself, although no longer maintained, is still accessible for those who want to work a bit for it. It’s in good bear country.

November 9, 2009

TeePee Creek trail

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Yesterday at Spring Creek it was wet walking through tall grass in a light rain mixed with snow. Since today was partly clear, I looked forward to a dry hike but on the old TeePee Creek trail yesterday’s snow was rapidly melting and the grasses were even wetter than yesterday’s. This trail has been decommissioned for several years and the trail is mostly gone now but the old corridor still remains. The woods are pleasant to walk through even though the tall, wet grass isn’t.

TeePee Creek trail

The water drops from melted snow on the cedars made the leaves quite pretty and prompted me to try this 5 foot shot with a 300mm lens.

Cedar leaves

Well, it almost worked. Can you smell it?


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