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September 20, 2017

One of our Autumn colors here is, well… white.

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There was fog this morning, filling the valley, and I had decided to just rest up and finish getting over a cold that I’ve had for several days, but just after noon the clouds started to thin out and I could see fresh snow on the peaks to the west. I accepted the invitation, and the trail to Big Hole Lookout seemed just right.

Big Hole Lookout Trail 368

Big Hole Lookout Trail 368

Big Hole Lookout Trail 368

The fresh snow looked good enough to eat. So how do you do that?

You scoop some up with your nose, then stick your tongue wayyy out and…


And while Buster was having a wonderful time eating snow and getting wet and muddy I couldn’t resist recording scenes of the not-quite-ready-to-leave-summer vegetation meeting about 4 inches of new snow.

Thimbleberry leaf

Thimbleberry leaf

Fireweed leaf

Alder leaf

Fern leaves


January 15, 2016

Brief snow shoe trip

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Today a friend and I found that the road was open to Loneman Divide, about 15 miles from home and made a short “tune up” snowshoe hike from there up to the ridge above the pass and found it very refreshing. Another half dozen of those short hikes and we will be ready for something more serious.

Start of the Todd Creek trail

We took “the trail less traveled”.

Snow capped stump

Snow-capped stump

Spare tire

The stump must have been hollow because the top looked like a doughnut.

Baldy Mountain in the clouds

To the east side of the divide.

West of the divide

To the west side.

Frosty trees on the divide

Frost covered trees along the top.

Frosty trees

Frosty trees

Frosty trees//

December 21, 2015

Did you ever wonder…

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Nearly 10PM, snowing heavily, no moon, four inches of new snow on the ground and trees… can you get a photo? Well, worth a try!

At night in the snow

– Ambient light except for a ray from the yard light on the far right side of the tree

– Tripod, parka, umbrella, boots

– 1.6 second exposure

– f/3.5

– ISO6400

December 10, 2013

Snow, finally!

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Snow - finally!

Last night a little snow fell


and so today I used my “walker”.

November 19, 2011


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Decorated fir cone

Rudolph's nose

November 20, 2010

Winter’s here; might as well enjoy it!

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Winter has now come to our area. Here are a few more shots from the first snow. It is snowing again now and I’m sure there will be more to post later to be enjoyed (hopefully) by those who don’t participate in cold winters and maybe not so much by those who do. The two weather fronts that are here now will be heading east and south from here bringing with them snow and very cold temperatures, so get ready! Please drive slowly and carefully and stay safe!

Snow on maple seeds

Fresh show

Snow on maple seeds

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