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July 26, 2008

Signs of the times

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This is a USFS trail sign beside USFS road 7698 (The High Ridge Road), part of which runs along the northern edge of the Patrick’s Knob roadless area. It was put up earlier this summer to replace one that was damaged even worse than this. This was probably done by a lousy shot with a 9mm pistol.

Road sign

This sign beside USFS road 7592 marks the start of the CC Divide Trail which is a pack trail that runs for many miles along the divide. Those are small caliber, probably .22, bullet holes in it. 7592 is the road that leads to the Patrick’s Knob Fire Lookout.

Road sign

For those who would like to find the trail to the top of Baldy Mountain in the Baldy Mountain roadless area, this USFS sign was placed at the junction of FS road 1025 and FS road 886 to help you. It should display “Road 886” and “Trail No 340” with an arrow. You would take that road for 3 miles to the trailhead. A shotgun was the vandal’s choice to destroy this sign.

Road sign


At the intersection of three trails inside the TeePee – Spring Creek roadless area are these signs. It is 6.6 miles, 7 miles, or 3 miles (depending on which trail you take) to the nearest road. These signs are at least 50 years old, more likely 70, and their condition is obvious.

Trail sign

If you were to follow the trail marked by the sign in the second photo for 4 1/2 miles west into the Patrick’s Knob roadless area, you would see this sign, also in excellent condition despite having been there for half a century. As it shows, the nearest road is 4 1/2 miles away.

Trail sign

Quite close to the High Ridge Road although not visible from it, this sign has aged gracefully also for over 50 years while showing the traveler the path of trail 205 through the Patrick’s Knob roadless area.

Trail sign

Sometimes signs display more than one message at a time.


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