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November 18, 2012

Rainbow Lake (1)

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Rainbow Lake

November 15, 2012

Waterfall at Rainbow Lake

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Waterfall at Rainbow Lake

This small waterfall on the Flathead Indian Reservation here in western Montana gets only a few visitors every year. It is on no maps, it has no name, there is not a sign anywhere advertising its existence and even the trail that leads up to it is unmarked. Yet it is not without its own quiet beauty.

Waterfall at Rainbow Lake

February 8, 2012

Sun and ice

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Finally a sunny day. Sunny, not warm; cold, guaranteed by a brisk wind off the ice.

For some time now I’ve been promising myself a trek to an un-named and seldom visited waterfall just above a small lake on the Flathead Reservation a dozen or so miles from my house and a mile or so off the highway. Today I strapped a tripod on my pack just in case the falls were thawed and snowshoes in case the snow was deep and headed for the falls. I didn’t need the tripod. It felt so good to be walking over the deep snow and following wolf tracks besides!

Amazing and wonderful how a falls will change over the seasons. Late in March of 2010 this one looked like this:

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Today, this is how it was, the normally clear, clean falls blocked in many places by built-up ice dams:

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Some water was still flowing beneath or behind the ice, visible just below the fringe area about in the center of the falls; not easy to get to for a close-up, but intriguing.

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

I will post more photos of the ice over the next few days.

November 12, 2011

Blue day

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Dog Lake

It’s amazing and often wonderful what the light does. On this day, it turned a scene blue.

December 21, 2010

For the first day of Winter:

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Frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall at Rainbow Lake 


Having failed to remember to visit this place during winter the last two years, I remembered today and loaded my camera gear and snowshoes (which I didn’t need) into the Jeep and headed out. The lake is only about a dozen miles from home, and there is a short walk of a half mile or so from the highway to the fall. I naively tied a tripod to my pack (for a long exposure), thinking that most of the fall would still be running: it was, but behind the ice! I was very pleased to see a few rays of sun filtering through the trees onto the ice.



December 2, 2010

Sometimes the world changes color

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Dog Lake

Rainbow Lake on December 2, 2010

Dog Lake

Rainbow Lake on November 3, 2009

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