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August 7, 2014

Along Trail 345

This old trail has been de-commissioned by the Forest Service but it still exists and I walk along parts of it when I can. Something of interest seems always to be there.

Trail 345


Fireweed ~ Epilobium angustifolium

Fireweed garden


Thimbleberries (Rubus parviflorus) are ripening

Thimbleberry blossoms

Thimbleberry blossoms (From my archives)


Pinedrops ~ Pterospora andromrdea


Pinedrops are saprophytic perennials, without chlorophyl or green leaves. You have to look closely at them to tell if they are newly blossoming or dried from the previous year.

Northern Green Bog Orchid

Northern Green Bog Orchid ~ Platanthera huronensis

Northern Green Bog Orchid

Bog orchids can easily be overlooked.

Pine White on Goldenrod

Pine white butterfly ~ Neophasia menapia


September 13, 2011

Even in the smoke

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Even in the smoke that now fills our skies, wildflowers and other plants in the high places seem unaffected. Here are a few photos of them from the top of Mount Baldy.


A cone on a Subalpine Fir

Shrubby Penstemons

Shrubby Penstemons

Prickly Sandwort

Prickly Sandwort

Rock Penstemons


Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting

Pine White Butterfly on Goldenrod

Pine White Butterfly on Goldenrod

August 13, 2011

Pine White

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Along toward the end of summer these butterflies appear. I always look forward to them!

Pine White Butterfly

Pine White Butterfly

Pine White ~ Neophasia menapia

September 10, 2010

White and white

Some of the last flowers and “flying flowers” of the summer.

White Heath AsterWhite Heath Aster, Symphyotrichum ericoides

Pine White ButterflyPine White Butterfly


August 26, 2009

Pine White butterfly

Pine White butterfly

Pine White butterfly
Neophasia menapia

This photo was taken today on a hike with some folks from American Wildlands on Munson Creek in the TeePee/Spring Creek roadless area here in western Montana. Because of where it lives, this pretty little thing will not become a decoration on the radiator of someone’s motor vehicle.

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