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August 29, 2011

Not everybody likes rain

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Very early this morning we had a brief thunderstorm and some much-needed rain. Just after I went out to feed the birds, this baby Pine Siskin came in to the feeder for his breakfast looking wet, disheveled and forlorn. The sunflower seeds cheered him up. I think it was his first rain.

Baby Pine Siskin

Baby Pine Siskin

June 28, 2010

Catching up ~ little critters

Here are a few of the small critters that I’ve encountered during the last month or so: it wouldn’t be right to leave them out because they were kind enough to let me photograph them.

Pine Siskin A Pine Siskin, maybe not the best groomed, but the friendliest of all our local birds. I think they are pretty special.

Crab spiderCrab spider: I thought they came in many colors until I found that they have the ability to change color, although it takes them a while to do it.

Hundred-pound batNot everyone has a hundred-pound bat hanging (literally) around the place. This one is a year-round resident.

Bull snakeThis bull snake was pretty good sized and did his very best rattlesnake imitation for me complete with a hiss that sounded very much like a rattle and a quite professional strike at my hand. He’s a very pretty and beneficial snake!

Yellow-headed blackbirdA yellow-headed blackbird: I had never seen one before and thought I had quite a find until I read that they are actually very common.

Frog (he's hiding)Don’t pay any attention to this frog… he’s hiding.

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