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February 17, 2010

Winter tansies

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While the deep, rich late-summer yellow of these Tansies has yielded now to a somber brown of winter, the way they still commanded attention on the river bank today seemed striking to me.

Winter Tansies


February 11, 2010

Just a little one

It seems strange to see, in my photo archive, photos of this little furball immediately following the photos of the bighorn lambs. At about 1.75 ounces, he doesn’t show up quite as much as they except in the photos.

Meadow vole

Meadow vole

A few miles from where I encountered the bighorns two days ago, this Meadow Vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus) appeared today. Sure looks pet-able, doesn’t he?


February 9, 2010

Last summer’s lambs

Tonight I was going to post a couple photos of the area in which I encountered the wolf tracks, but that can wait another day. I’d rather show these two youngsters who I met today.

Bighorn lamb

Bighorn lamb

I really do love Bighorns!

February 7, 2010

Day eight

Despite the gray sky today I made a follow-up visit to the ridge-top home of the Buttercup, and I guess now it’s official: this area’s first wildflower of 2010 is in bloom.

<Sagebrush buttercup

Sagebrush buttercup

And the bad news: I perused my photo archives and found that while the Buttercups in that same area bloomed at about the same time last year the next wildflowers to appear were Yellow bells in late March. Go figure.


February 6, 2010

One thing leads to another…

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It started with a photo of some bright colored winter moss,

Winter moss

and then because some water drops on the moss just sparkled, taking some macro shots seemed to be the thing to do, and on, and on…

Water drop on winter moss

Water drop on winter moss

Water drop on winter moss

Water drop on winter moss

The next time you see a guy crawling around among the rocks down by the river maybe you’ll understand.


February 4, 2010


Sagebrush Buttercup

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