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April 24, 2015

In the last few days…

Many, many years ago, someone driving along Highway 200 tossed out the core of a pear and the seeds took root. The little tree was too close to the highway and the highway crews cut it down year after year. And each year at least a little part remained on the side furthest from the road. This year there is a branch that has formed what may be a new trunk, far enough from the roadway that it might survive. It has grown to about 8 feet high and is just covered with the most beautiful blossoms.

Pear blossoms

Pear blossoms

More species of wildflowers have also begun to bloom, some very early, I think, but surely very welcome!

Meadow death-camas

Meadow death-camas ~ Zigadenus venenosus

Field Chickweed

Field Chickweed ~ Cerastium arvense

Slender Hawksbeard

Slender Hawksbeard ~ Crepis atrabarba

Peak Saxifrage

Peak Saxifrage – Micranthes nidifica

Field Pussytoes

Field Pussytoes ~ Antennaria neglecta

Upland Larkspur

Upland Larkspur ~ Delphinium nuttallianum

April 18, 2014

Going around in a circle

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Peak Saxifrage ~ Micranthes nidifica

Peak Saxifrage ~ Micranthes nidifica

Peak Saxifrage ~ Micranthes nidifica

I had to laugh tonight while looking for more information about this rather odd wildflower (or herb as some sources call it). The 8th source that showed up in a Google search was this site which was my own blog post from about this same time last year.

April 21, 2013

Interesting day

After a heavy rain during the night there was a very light rain this morning and I found several more flowers blooming near the river.

Holboell's rockcress

Holboell’s rockcress, Boechera pendulocarpa ~ Arabis holboellii

Narrow-leaved Desert Parsley

Narrow-leaved Desert Parsley, Lomatium triternatum

And a member of the Saxifrage family that I have seen before but just now identified.

Peak Saxifrage

Peak Saxifrage

Peak Saxifrage, Micranthes nidifica

Soon after these photos were take it began to snow…. hard! Five hours later and after about five inches of heavy, wet snow it looked like this:

April snow

After taking the previous photo I headed back to the house, then instead of going in, decided to hike down near the river and perhaps get an interesting photo in the storm. On the way, about a quarter of a mile from the house I heard a loud crack and looked toward the sound just in time to see a large dead pine tree fall across the highway. I headed straight for it to stop and direct traffic and perhaps remove enough of the tree to permit traffic flow. There was too much tree on the road, but a pickup stopped and two men got out to help, leaving their truck with flashers on to block the lane that was completely blocked by the tree. I jogged back to the house for my chain saw while they directed traffic. When I returned it took just a few minutes for the three of us to cut enough of the tree to clear the roadway and get traffic moving again. I’m glad the tree didn’t wait until dark to fall!

Down tree

An interesting day!

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