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June 25, 2018

Mid June wildflowers

I have been trying to post photos of the various wildflower species found in this region this spring but I’ve gotten behind. These are the latest few, and I will post more in the next few posts to try to catch up.

pinkfairies, deerhorn, ragged robin

Pinkfairies, Deerhorn, Ragged robin ~ clarkia pulchella

Alaska rein orchid

Alaska rein orchid

Alaska Rein Orchid ~ piperia unalascensis

Spotted Coralroot

Spotted Coralroot ~ corallorhiza maculata (a wild orchid)

Lance-leaved Stonecrop

Lance-leaved Stonecrop ~ sedum lanceolatum

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy ~ leucanthemum vulgare

January 13, 2013

Asleep beneath the snow

When I left home this morning the temperature was a balmy 15º and ten degrees lower than that in Weeksville canyon. Half a mile up the road to the trail head, as I walked past an area that I know well for its wildflowers which are sleeping now beneath the warm blanket of snow it occurred to me to match a few scenes with the flower species that are found in each.

Road to Spring Creek trail head

Scarlet Gilia, Skyrocket

Scarlet Gilia, Skyrocket ~ Ipomopsis aggregate

Road to Spring Creek trail head

Sulphur Penstemons

Sulphur Penstemons ~ Penstemon attenuatus

Road to Spring Creek trail head

Lance-leaved Stonecrop

Lance-leaved Stonecrop ~ Sedum Lanceolatum

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