Montana Outdoors

March 28, 2010

Yellowbell re-visited



On a brief visit this morning to Munson Creek, all I could find blooming besides the ubiquitous Buttercups were these Yellowbells, and I was finally able to get a photo of one that I like.

Upon thinking about the old rhyme “April showers bring May flowers” I’m beginning to be a bit concerned that, because of the very dry winter, a completely dry March and a dry forecast for April, it may be a very bad year for wildflowers in this region.


March 13, 2010

A search for a trail, surprise #1

No trip into Montana’s outdoors ever takes place without surprises. The first surprise on this outing was actually two surprises, and pleasant ones, too;

Yellow Bell
Yellow Bell, Goldcup, Yellow Fritillaria, (Fritillaria pudica)

Alpine chickweed
Alpine Chickweed, Bering Chickweed, (Cerastium beeringianum)

both blooming about a month earlier than usual. (I was glad that I did stow the macro lens in my pack.)


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