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February 21, 2013

No “big bang”…

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Like Wun-Yi Shu’s theory “Cosmological Models with No Big Bang”, this frozen waterfall without a stream feeding it and no stream issuing from it has no beginning and no end.

Frozen waterfall

February 8, 2012

Sun and ice

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Finally a sunny day. Sunny, not warm; cold, guaranteed by a brisk wind off the ice.

For some time now I’ve been promising myself a trek to an un-named and seldom visited waterfall just above a small lake on the Flathead Reservation a dozen or so miles from my house and a mile or so off the highway. Today I strapped a tripod on my pack just in case the falls were thawed and snowshoes in case the snow was deep and headed for the falls. I didn’t need the tripod. It felt so good to be walking over the deep snow and following wolf tracks besides!

Amazing and wonderful how a falls will change over the seasons. Late in March of 2010 this one looked like this:

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Today, this is how it was, the normally clear, clean falls blocked in many places by built-up ice dams:

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Some water was still flowing beneath or behind the ice, visible just below the fringe area about in the center of the falls; not easy to get to for a close-up, but intriguing.

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

Waterfall at Dog (Rainbow) Lake

I will post more photos of the ice over the next few days.

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