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December 18, 2014

Frosty morning

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Frosty morning

Perhaps just a little bit moody.

December 10, 2014

Seeking Bigfoot

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It was supposed get up to 51º and rain today. Instead, there were intermittent clouds and fog and the temperature was around 30º . So, a fairly good day to go out looking for Snowshoe rabbits (AKA Snowshoe hare, AKA Varying hare). The “snowshoe” part of the name (and the “Bigfoot” reference) comes from their oversized hind feet which enable them to easily stay on top of the snow and help them outrun their predators.

(The hat does not belong to the rabbit, it’s mine, just there for perspective). The large prints are from the rear feet, the small ones from the front ones. The track shows that this one was headed to the left in the photo. When they jump, the front feet come down first, then the big rear ones which start the jump cycle over again. The space between tracks like this set can be over 8 feet when the rabbit is running full out.

Snowshoe track

There is a place quite close to home where I know there are lots of these rabbits, but it’s a mile up this road, then another mile up an offshoot of it. The traffic on the road has packed down the snow and the melt and freeze cycles have changed the tracks to pure ice about 3 inches thick, not especially fun to drive on even with 4WD, and being to lazy to chain up the Jeep I chose to walk.

Weeksville road

Weeksville road


Though I could find no rabbits, the hike was embellished with some pretty fog scenes and turned into an enjoyable outing.

Foggy day

Sun peeking through the fog


The secret for hiking 4 miles on ice in comfort and security? Yaktrax. In winter, don’t go hiking without them. (Not an advertisement, but a pretty good recommendation.)



December 7, 2014

Winter fog

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Winter fog

December 20, 2009

Ranch pond

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On a short hike today the fog began to close in rapidly causing me to cut the hike short. As I returned to where I had parked, I was drawn to the colors of a willow tree (to the left in the first photo) that grows beside a pond on a ranch at the bottom of the canyon, and I decided to venture down near it for a photo.


Upon taking that photo, I was drawn to the tree in about the center of the photo and framed it for another shot which I liked even better than the first. Something about the fog…


There is always a beautiful scene (or one that I consider so) awaiting those who pass by.


October 21, 2009


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October 20, 2009

Too foggy for pictures this morning.

Sunrise in fog

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