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December 31, 2012

Buffalo Bill Creek ice

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Today I hiked up into a small canyon near here to photograph the icicles that form in winter on the cliffs along the sides of the canyon. Because I am rather tired and out of time tonight I will post just a sample and then later, a series of photos of the icicles that decorate the cliffs. The icicles in this photo are in the 5 to 6 foot range.

Buffalo Bill Creek ice


December 22, 2010

Cliff icicles

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Cliff icicles

A large variety of icicles form during most winters high on the sheer cliffs in the deep part of the Buffalo Bill Creek canyon. The ones in this photo are perhaps a hundred feet above the creek bottom and the longer ones I would estimate at about 6 feet in length. It’s about a two mile hike to get to the location and a lot of that is uphill. As I hiked the old logging road to it today there was about 6 inches of frozen and crusted snow on the ground, covered by about 4 inches of powder, and for the entire distance I had the pleasure of walking in Cougar tracks that had been made there several hours earlier.

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