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October 17, 2009

Harvest time.

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Throughout the year we put out food for the birds as a sort of reward for the immense amount joy they bring to us. We also have a special little place for chipmunks food and a high spot for seeds for chickadees. Sunflower seeds are the favorite choice of all.

I’ve read that chickadees have the ability to hide food in a thousand different locations in a season and the capacity to remember each place. Chipmunks also store food for winter, and seem to bury seeds in various places, some of which are in our flower beds, and as a result there are always sunflowers growing in many places where we tolerate them but did not plant them.

Today, there was activity at the very top of one of those sunflowers, upon which the seeds are now quite dry, perhaps four feet from the ground. This little fellow was very busy harvesting what he or one of his extended family had planted last spring.







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