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July 5, 2018

Still catching up – 3

Group 3 of additional 2018 wildflowers blooming in May & June:

large mountain monkey-flower

Large Mountain Monkey-flower ~ erythranthe tilingii

Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet

Large-flower Mountain-trumpet ~ collomia grandiflora

Pyramid Spirea

Pyramid Spirea ~ spiraea pyramidata


Mock-orange ~ philadelphus lewisii

Silky Lupine

Silky Lupine ~ lupinus sericeus

Birch-leaved Spirea

Birch-leaved Spirea ~ spiraea betulifolia

Bluebell of Scotland

Bluebell of Scotland ~ campanula rotundifolia

Orange Honeysuckle

Orange Honeysuckle ~ lonicera ciliosa


Kinnikinnik ~ arctostaphylos uva-ursi

July 20, 2017

They also come in white

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Bluebell-of-Scotland ~ Campanula rotundifolia

While it’s not exactly rare, I have seldom seen this white version, and I especially liked the three phases of the blossom on one stem.

July 2, 2017

End of June flowers (well, almost)

Deptford pink

Deptford pink ~ Dianthus armeria

Can't identify

Bluebell-of-Scotland, Harebell

Bluebell-of-Scotland, Harebell ~ Campanula rotundifolia

Mock Orange

Mock Orange ~ Philadelphus lewisii

Birch-leaved Spiraea

Birch-leaved Spiraea ~ Spiraea betulifolia

Devil's Club

Devil’s Club ~ Oplopanax horridus


(It is these spines that give the Devil’s Club its name)

Brewer's mitrewort, feathery bishop's-cap

Brewer’s mitrewort, feathery bishop’s-cap ~ Pectiantia breweri

Harsh Indian Paintbrush

Harsh Indian Paintbrush ~ Castilleja hispida

Fringed Loosestrife

Fringed Loosestrife ~ Lysimachia ciliata

Tiling's monkey-flower, large mountain monkey-flower

Tiling’s monkey-flower, large mountain monkey-flower~ Erythranthe tilingii

sulphur cinquefoil

Sulphur Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla recta

Meadow Buttercup

Meadow Buttercup ~ Ranunculus acris

June 28, 2017

Today’s favorite (June 28)

On today’s hike in the Patrick’s Knob roadless area the forest was so hot and dry there were very few flowers in bloom. These seemed to enjoy that condition.


Bluebell-of-Scotland ~ Campanula rotundifolia

June 29, 2016

First, the purples

This morning before the temperature climbed too far toward its eventual high in the 90’s I hiked a ways (about two and a half miles) up the Munson Creek trail (USFS trail # 372) toward Big Hole Peak. Almost at the start I noticed that the array of wildflower species there was remarkably different from the ones on the Spring Creek trail on which I hiked just two days ago and which is only about 9 miles to the east. Interesting, and not entirely explainable by a steeper trail and a slightly higher elevation.

Today’s post will feature the purples.

Western Mountain Aster

Western Mountain Aster

Western Mountain Aster

Western Mountain Aster ~ Symphyotrichum spathulatum

Nodding Onion

Nodding Onion

As the name “Nodding Onion ~ Allium cernuum” implies, these could be detected by smell before their appearance.

Wild Bergamot

Wild Bergamot ~ Monarda fistulosa, well known for its pleasant smell.

Bluebell-of-Scotland, Harebell

Bluebell-of-Scotland, Harebell

It’s hard to resist a picture of the “Bluebell-of-Scotland, Harebell ~ Campanula rotundifolia” when they pose so nicely.

Pinkfairy, Deerhorn, Ragged Robin

Pinkfairy, Deerhorn, Ragged Robin ~ Clarkia pulchella

June 28, 2016

Along a mile of trail

Yesterday after completing several things that have kept me from the trails lately (and pretty much away from the blog), I leisurely hiked the first mile of the Spring Creek trail (USFS trail #370), retreating from things that had been pressing and enjoying the deep shade of the canyon which was much cooler than the rather high temperatures in the valley. It was wonderful to see the wildflowers and gratifying to see so many species still in bloom.

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy ~ Leucanthemum vulgare

herbal speedwell, Paul's betony

Water Speedwell, Blue Speedwell ~ Veronica anagallis-aquatica

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily, Three-spot Mariposa lily, Baker's Mariposa

Pointedtip Mariposa Lily, Three-spot Mariposa Lily, Baker’s Mariposa ~ Calochortus apiculatus

Woodland Pinedrops

Woodland Pinedrops ~ Pterospora andromedea

Alaska rein orchid, slender-spire orchid

Alaska rein orchid, slender-spire orchid ~ Piperia unalascensis

Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet, Large-flowered Collomia

Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet, Large-flowered Collomia ~ Collomia grandiflora

Lanceleaved Stonecrop

Lanceleaved Stonecrop ~ Sedum lanceolatum

Sticky Currant

Sticky Currant berries ~ Ribes viscosissimum

Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland

Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland ~ Campanula rotundifolia

Pipsissewa, Common Prince's-pine

Pipsissewa, Common Prince's-pine

Pipsissewa, Common Prince’s-pine, ~ Chimaphila umbellata

American twinflower

American Twinflower ~ Linnaea borealis

High Mountain Cinquefoil

High Mountain Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla flabellifolia

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