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December 10, 2006

The thirteenth goose

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Early this morning a flight of Canadian geese could be seen over the river in their familiar ā€œVā€ pattern, but this time something was not right: instead of even pairs, there were only thirteen. These beautiful big birds mate for life, and if one loses its mate, it will usually take another the following year, but seeing an uneven number in a ā€œVā€ during the winter has always held a moment of sadness for me.

So, for the thirteenth goose, this:

The beat of gray wings
on a cold gray sky,
and a space in the “V”
for a time gone by.
Your life-mate is gone
and the winter is long:
there’s a void in your life
and a tear in your song.
I know your sorrow,
or if sorrow’s not known.
the loneliness;
feathered grief of its own.
When the grass next turns green
and the gray sky turns blue,
a new life-mate, then,
is my fain for you.

(I seldom attempt poetry, and I think now the reason for that is obvious.)

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