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May 24, 2018

The saga of a Waterleaf

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Wednesday I made an excursion up the road to the Big Hole Lookout trail head and was able to drive that far. I decided to hike a few hundred yards up a gated road where there is a clearing through the trees that allows a pretty good view over the Clark Fork Valley and I thought I would get a picture from there. Since that was a short distance I put a 35mm prime lens on my camera for the shot, tucked my macro lens safely in my pack and left it in the Jeep and headed up the road. I should have known better. A mile and a half up the road when I bent down to take a picture of some very, very fresh bear scat (probably no one wants to see that picture) I noticed on the hillside below the road there was a little bit or purple showing.

When I investigated the spot where I saw the color, I was delighted to find that it was a wildflower that I had seen only once before, a decade ago; A Ballhead Waterleaf. These photos were the best that I could do with the 35mm lens.

Ballhead Waterleaf

Ballhead Waterleaf

Ballhead Waterleaf

Ballhead Waterleaf ~ hydrophyllum capitatum

Yes, I did get the shot of the valley that I wanted before I continued to wander and later another of Baldy Mountain off to the northeast, Those flowers are living in a beautiful piece of back country!

Clark Fork River valley

Clark Fork River Valley

Baldy Mountain

Baldy Mountain, photographed from the Big Hole Lookout road

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