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May 1, 2018


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This time of year, when the bluebells first start to bloom, photographing them is not an activity for the faint of heart. Near here the earliest ones can be found at about the four thousand foot level on the open but nearly vertical slopes along Forest Service road 5587 which takes off from the Weeksville road and provides access to the trail head for Big Hole Peak and Lookout. After digging footholds in the mountainside with your boots so you can climb the slope, you then get into the prone position with your toes dug in to enable you to stay there and take your photos. (A prone position on those slopes leaves you with your chin in the dirt and still only about ten degrees from vertical.) Getting back down is much harder than going up, but assuming you make it without a major injury, it’s worth it to see the first ones in bloom. (And of course, today it was raining.)

Small Bluebells

Small Bluebells

Small Bluebells

Small Bluebells

Small Bluebells ~ Mertensia longiflora

Here’s where these are growing: photo taken from the road overlooking part of the Clark Fork River valley and the upper slopes of Big Hole Peak.

Big Hole country


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