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January 10, 2015

Big icicle

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Although this may look like a “frozen waterfall”, it is really only a very large icicle, formed where a small trickle of water from a cliff top provides, over time, enough volume to freeze and create this 60-foot column. The tiny stream that produces it is not even large enough to be noticeable in summer. In winter it makes a statement of its own.

Waterfall of ice

Waterfall of ice

Waterfall of ice

Waterfall of ice

January 9, 2015

The cold, snowy life of a Snowman…

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For the first time in over 40 years of living in western Montana I experienced a Christmas without snow in the valley until … On Christmas day our son and his wife climbed into his truck, drove a little higher into the mountains and returned with a load of fresh, new snow and built a Christmas snowman for us.

Christmas snow man

After Christmas the weather stayed cold and the snowman seemed to enjoy his home in the yard until… On Sunday, January 4th it began to snow and at midnight when I checked on the snowman he looked like this:

Post Christmas snow man

And at 8 AM after it snowed all night, leaving us about 9 inches of the white stuff, the snowman had become this snowman/snow cone:

Post Christmas snow man

For perspective, he is about 4 feet tall (and his feet are cold).

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