Montana Outdoors

September 24, 2013

Mountain Goat

While seeing mountain goats is a fairly typical part of a visit to Glacier National park, sightings of wild goats in their natural wild habitat outside of the park are not that common at all and so I was pleased to catch a far distant look at one while on a recent visit to Mt Headley in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana.

While I was sitting at the site of the old fire lookout at the very top of the mountain enjoying the views and eating my lunch, a very tiny speck of white on another mountain about a mile and a half to the north caught my eye. The arrow in the first photo points to the exact spot. When I set my little P & S camera to maximum zoom, it caught some photos of a goat crossing the lower edge of a cliff on that mountain.

North from Mt. Headley

Mountain goat

Mountain goat

Mountain goat

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