Montana Outdoors

May 18, 2013

Beyond the Fairy Slippers

Nearly all of my photos result from my frequent wanderings in the mountains and forests of western Montana. The wildflowers in my previous post were encountered on the way to a hike to view the peaks of the Cherry Peak roadless area, something I choose to do at least once every year. After a ten mile drive from the valley to a starting point at 5000 feet and a two mile hike from there up an old road to 6000 feet I arrive at my preferred viewing spot with an open view of the north side of the peaks. Mountains are always viewed best from high places.

Cherry Peaks

Viewing spot

USFS Road 7581

The road at 6000 feet

Wood Violets

Wood violets (Viola glabella) in bloom just below the snow level.

Clark Fork River valley

View to the northwest over the Clark Fork River.

Koo-Koo Sint Ridge

View of Koo-Koo Sint Ridge north of the river from the access road.

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