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November 19, 2011


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Decorated fir cone

Rudolph's nose

November 18, 2011

Fall turning to winter

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Fall turning to winter

November 14, 2011

A Thousand Years

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As a light breeze gently rustled the last leaves of fall, the hunter crouched motionless in the brown grass, his quarry finally in sight, just across the small clearing, but…

still too far.

Choreographed by the ages, the dance had begun. A thousand years of hunting drove the hunter. A thousand years of being hunted fueled the instincts of the prey.

Stay low. One slow silent step after another, closing the distance. Place a foot carefully, then freeze… and stare. Closer now: an hour passed. Don’t blink. The sound of the wind in the leaves is deafening: can he hear my breath?

A small depression ahead in the hillside; cover for the hunter, danger for the prey. Near the slope at the far edge, nearly close enough. Under the shadow of a pine, its trunk shielding his movements, a few more steps and the time for the kill…

Suddenly shattering the stillness of the moment: “Jingles! … Dinner!”

The small gray cat stood, turned, and trotted back toward the house.

Oh well, a nice warm plate of “Fancy Feast” would taste better than that old chipmunk, anyway.

November 12, 2011

Hello, bear!

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Black bear

This afternoon, only a couple of minutes after I had returned from a hunting trip, a neighbor called to say that he had seen a bear about fifty yards up the road from our driveway. And when I got there he was still there. I wish the light had been better, but the snow clouds were hanging very low over the river.

Blue day

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Dog Lake

It’s amazing and often wonderful what the light does. On this day, it turned a scene blue.

November 7, 2011

Trail 368

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Trail 368

Trail 368

Trail 368

Trail 368

Photos were taken November 2, 2011 on the lower part of trail 368 to the Big Hole lookout in western Montana’s Cabinet Mountains.

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