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July 10, 2011

Wildflowers of summer (2)

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The Pointer and I left for our evening walk a little late tonight, having waited until the coolness of evening set in and chose to go to a section of forest road in a shaded canyon where it would be cool. Just as I was about to park the Jeep, down the road came two absolutely gorgeous Black bears, I would guess a mother and her last summer’s cub. They were jet black and all signs of winter’s rubbing and matting was gone from their coats in which the hairs were very long and thick. As usual I was in awe at the size of their paws as they loped along, kicking up small puffs of dust from the old road.

Now, back to wildflowers…

White Lupines

White Lupine

White Lupines, the first I’ve encountered!

Nodding Onion

Nodding Onion ~ Allium cernuum

Arnica seed head

Arnica seed head

Nootka rose

Nootka (I think) Rose



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