Montana Outdoors

June 6, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (8)

With a few warm days recently and plenty of rain the wildflower blooms are coming rapidly now, as though they are trying to catch up to the season. I’m still trying to post to document them but feel like I’m losing ground.

Yellow Corabells, Fuzzy Emera

Yellow Corabells, Fuzzy Emera ~ Elera racemosa 5/29

Common Sheep Sorrel

Common Sheep Sorrel ~ Rumex acetosella 5/29

Common Dogmustard

Common Dogmustard ~ Erucastrum gallicum 5/29

Suksdorf's desert-parsley

Suksdorf’s desert-parsley ~ Lomatium suksdorfii 5/29


Chokecherry ~ Prunus virginiana 5/29

Siberian Springbeauty

Siberian Springbeauty

Siberian Springbeauty ~ Claytonia sibirica 5/29

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