Montana Outdoors

May 11, 2011

Trail 274

Today a friend and I hiked on USFS trail 274 in the Mount Bushnell roadless area in the Dry Creek drainage here in western Montana. The trail head is along Dry Creek at an elevation of about 3,100 feet. Here are a few photos taken from the trail.

  From Trail 274 below Hill 7

The snow covered peak to the left is Eddy Peak and to the right is Cherry Peak.

From Trail 274 below Hill 7

Mount Bushnell is the snow-capped peak about in the center.

  Along Trail 274 below Hill 7

View just off the trail at about 4,400 feet.

  Trail 274 below Hill 7

At 4,500 feet and above the storms of winter were not kind to trail 274.

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