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February 23, 2011

Still winter

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The overnight snow was not heavy, but in some places on the driveway enough accumulated over the past few nights to keep the snow blower busy for awhile. By noon the temperature made it above freezing, the sun appeared briefly, and most of the light snow in the valley melted. An hour later, the mercury began a rapid retreat into that little bulb at the bottom of the thermometer where it will hide from the sub-zero temperature tonight, the wind started coming up and the snow started coming down. I put a light pack containing my camera gear into the Jeep along with our dog (who told me she really, really, really, really wanted to go {be careful what you wish for}) and turned up the road toward higher country in the Lolo National Forest.

Ten miles up the road, a thousand feet higher in elevation and several hundred years back in time we stopped for a short hike and I snapped a few photos for the first time in a week. The world was different there.

Old county road

Jones Ranch Road

Tracks in the snow


After a few miles on snowshoes, I will sleep well tonight.

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