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February 11, 2011

Changing of the guard

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Cattail Pussy willow


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Along the Flathead River before it joins the Clark Fork River, some twenty miles upriver from my home, there is a small ranch that does not have a road to it. Access to the ranch from the highway is by a small, old, car ferry in summer and an old hovercraft in winter.

Just downriver from my home there is a series of three rapids on the Clark Fork River.

Yesterday as I drove past the middle of the three rapids rapids I noticed a “shipwreck” just off the near shore. It seems that the old ferry had not been properly secured and for some reason had taken a solo journey downstream and was finally caught up on the rocks just below the head of the rapids.

I’m quite happy that I am not the one who must attempt to salvage it.

Old car ferry

Old car ferry

Old car ferry

Old car ferry

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