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September 29, 2010

Mt Silcox (4)

When it seems that the trail can go no farther upwards and you expect to see the top of Mt Silcox you find that the trail instead has flattened out and follows a high and very narrow ridge leading to the south: the top of the Mountain is still a half mile away. It’s a strange feeling to walk the trail, knowing that you must be at the top and yet it goes on and on, looking for all the world like a trail much lower in elevation.

Trail 478 Mt SilcoxTrail 478 as it approaches the ridge leading to the top of Mt Silcox.

Trail 478 Mt SilcoxHigh ridge trail

Trail 478 Mt SilcoxHigh ridge trail

Trail 478 Mt SilcoxHigh ridge trail

Mt SilcoxFinally, a peek over the top

Mt SilcoxThe view to the south overlooking the town of Thompson Falls.

Old lookout base Mt SilcoxThe base of the old lookout tower.

A log cabin was built on this site in 1908 which was replaced in 1923 by a 35′ steel windmill tower. In 1926 a cupola cabin was erected on the concrete base shown in the last photo. It was destroyed in 1967.

(To be continued…)


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